Marketing your business might be the last thing on your mind during times of panic, stress, and uncertainty.

Many of us have lost our jobs, our businesses and our lifestyles we were so used to. The one thing that I found to be true however is that during times of recession and contraction, the ones who come out on top are the ones who expanded and took action. I wanted to share with you a simple content marketing strategy to show you what you can do to market your business during times where no-one is buying your products/services, and how you can stay on top of mind with your content marketing to continue to grow your brand.

While your competitors are playing defense, we want to play offense with our digital marketing strategy.

In this video I break down:

  • My winning content marketing strategy that will show you exactly how to create engaging content on Facebook that will build awareness and trust with your audience
  • What kind of content you should make
  • How to remarket to only the people who have engaged with your videos & content posts
  • How to build a giant list of potential customers on Facebook with a custom audience full of people only who know, like and trust you
  • How to have this custom audience ready to market your offers to in the future / or show them offers to now (if your business is online)

Check it out here.

Here's your FREE marketing plan to combat recession & #coronavirus while your customers are at home.Follow this plan and I promise you will see an explosion of results for half your old advertising budget.When the time is right, you'll be happy you started sooner rather than later.Share with someone that needs to see this!Ps. If you wanted to tee up that call with me you can click here (we have a few spots left): #personalbranding #digitalmarketingtips #marketingstrategy #businesstips

Posted by Sebastian Cavlov on Wednesday, 1 April 2020